Traditional Old Handwoven Persian Kashan Area Rug – The Heavenly Path

This 14.0 x 24.4 traditional old handwoven Persian Kashan area rug is the epitome of elegant rug design. Certainly a compelling work of art, it pleases the most demanding of rug connoisseurs.  The talented artist wove this highly nuanced masterpiece to perfection.

This stunning rug was skillfully created in the Kashan region of Iran approximately 60-65 years ago.  This rug will be a valued addition to our client’s collection for many years. Surely a prized possession for generations.

Although this rug now graces our client’s home, the information in this article will be useful in viewing other Kashan area rugs.

Explanation of Rug Symbols

Rows of repetitive Tree of Life medallions symbolize a direct path from Earth to Heaven.  A delicate vine of tulips, symbolizing prosperity, frames each tree.  Indeed, these medallions represent the prosperity of the heavenly path.

Meanwhile, alternate rows contain two different medallions.  The first finds a rose at the center of elegantly woven leaves.  Roses represent innocence.  Leaves symbolize the renewal or rebirth one receives from Heaven.  The second medallion contains a beautiful starburst which indicates spirituality.

A110287 – Traditional Old Handwoven Persian Kashan Rug 14.0×20.4

Likewise, a rust-orange vine winds its way around these three repetitive medallions.  These vines intersect at rosettes (innocence) and small cross reliefs (faith).

These staggered rows create a mesmerizing tiled effect much like a paved pathway.  As a result, this masterful illusion suggests a trance-like state. It is almost as if the viewer is looking upon the actual pathway to Heaven.

Finally, a similarly embellished border on this Kashan area rug encloses the field with a repetitive motif of Trees of Life.  In addition, the border features rose bushes and leafy vines on a light khaki background.

Importance of Color

In the same way as motifs, color brings an added level of meaning to each rug and even to each symbol in which it is used.

For instance, this handwoven Persian Kashan area rug features an extremely intricate all-over design in multiple shades of blue.  Blue invokes the power and solitude of Heaven—an allusion to the afterlife.

The orange vines interwoven throughout represent the humility of spirit one must have to stay on the true path.

A110287 – Traditional Old Handwoven Persian Kashan Rug 14.0×20.4

Further, this design lies on a luscious natural white field.  As one would expect, white symbolizes purity and cleanliness.

In short, this masterpiece became a meditation on faith and spirituality.  One look at this rug brings the viewer one step closer to God.  In this Kashan area rug, you find the master artists actually wove the Heavenly Path.

Unfortunately this rug has been sold, but click here to see many more beautiful Kashan rugs in our inventory.



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