Gabbeh Area Rugs

RenCollection Rugs carries a wide variety of inventory in the Dallas Design District. Our collection contains many Gabbeh area rugs.  These rugs range in style from traditional to modern and rustic to formal. Yet every rug is a unique work of art.

In Persian, “gabbeh” means “unclipped.”  Therefore, these unclipped rugs bring an extra plush pile to your design.  These thick tribal rugs were once used to protect the weavers from the extreme temperatures of the desert.  That is to say, the weavers made these pieces extra thick for sleeping mats.

Originally, only the nomadic Qashqai and Luri tribes made Gabbeh area rugs.  Therefore, earlier production of these rugs were primitive and not of good quality.  As a result of increasing popularity in the last few decades, weavers produced them with growing sophistication and a wide range of design styles.

Today, however, these rugs are now made in many countries.  Soft and whimsical, these wonderful rugs are perfect for children’s playrooms and reading nooks.  But don’t get too comfortable.  You might turn it into a napping area!

These charming rugs blend the old heritage with modern-day artistic creativity to satisfy demand for truly beautiful home decor.  Sophisticated yet enchanting, these popular rugs will never go out of style.

Additionally, we offer cleaning and restoration services for Gabbeh area rugs.  This service includes pick-up and delivery.  However, some distance limitations do apply.



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