Persian Rugs Cleaning & Restoration Services.

Free pick-up and delivery within the Dallas metroplex area.

For almost 30 years, RenCollection has worked hard to satisfy our customers by providing the best selection of Persian rugs in Dallas.  Fine rugs require routine maintenance and cleaning and just a simple repair from time to time.  Sometimes a more thorough rug restoration may be needed. We handle those as well.

In addition to an extensive and varied inventory of antique rugs, vintage rugs, modern rugs, contemporary rugs, and Persian rugs, RenCollection offers a wide range of rug cleaning and antique rug restoration services.

Rug Appraisals

From antique rugs to Persian rugs, we provide rug appraisals for discerning individuals wanting a fair honest assessment.

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Rug Cleaning

Our deep cleaning process is a safe and gentle hand-washing technique which removes everything from dirt to food. A special enzyme wash is employed to remove pet urine and odors.

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Rug Restoration

When your Persian rugs need a repair, know that our skilled craftsmen will treat your rug with the care you want and the respect it deserves.  From patching to reweaving, restoration to fringe work and more, all repairs are done in-house. An artist created it, an artist should restore it.  

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Rug Padding

The life of your rug can easily be extended simply by adding a quality rug pad from Ren Collection.  Rug pads protect you as well by gently holding the rug in place to prevent slipping or curled edges.

Rug Protection

Go the extra mile and protect your rug by adding a fiber seal or moth-proofing treatment.  Our highly-skilled team will ensure your antique rugs are protected and remain beautiful for many years to come.

RenCollection’s experts have gained experience with and knowledge about Persian rugs over the years by working with top experts in the business.  We care about your antique rug and will treat it with the respect it deserves.