Our Favorite Interior Design Blogs in Dallas, TX

You love to be inspired by interior design.  You love all things Dallas.  Therefore, you might be wondering where to find both in the same blog.  Well, look no further!  In no particular order, here are Our Favorite Interior Design Blogs in Dallas, TX.


D Home

D Home Magazine Blog

First, the very popular D Home Blog showcases inspirational interior design and amazing semi-unknown Dallas spaces.  There’s something for everyone here.



Dallas Style & Design

Dallas Style & Design

Next, Dallas Style & Design brings the design world a wonderful array of articles and design ideas.  You’ll find their savvy crew discovers hot trends and topics before anyone else.


Jan Showers 

Jan Showers Interior Design

She’s the epitome of elegance and a beloved Dallas socialite.  Industry trend-setter Jan Showers always has her finger on the pulse of what’s hot and new in interior design.  Consequentially, she’s always right in the middle of the most noteworthy events in Dallas.  Jan’s Notebook is beautifully curated, inspirational, and always insightful.


Dallas Design Group

Dallas Design Group Interior Design

The lovely ladies at Dallas Design Group are a force to be reckoned with!  They are everywhere and always have something good going on.  They’ve been leading the Dallas interior design industry ever since their mother first began the firm.  Keep your eye on them to know what’s next for Dallas!


Denise McGaha Interiors

Denise McGaha Interior Design

Similarly, we always find a unique perspective on from our dear friend Denise McGaha.  She is always on the go and actively writes about subjects from shopping and travel to launch parties and fabric prints.  You’ll love following this design-diva all around town.


Dwell with Dignity

Dwell with Dignity Interior Design

Ultimately, the desire to help others inspires everyone.  It’s evermore special when combined with our passion for interior design!  Our friends at Dwell With Dignity make us proud every time they help a deserving family.  You’ll definitely get the feels reading through their blogs.  Also, grab a tissue and your checkbook.  Then make a tax deductible monetary donation or consider volunteering your time.  You can also make an in-kind donation by offering products to be sold during their yearly Thrift Studio. Because of this wonderful organization, local needy families find grace and a little bit of dignity with which to dwell.




Dallas Design District

Dallas Design District Interior Design

Finally, you can’t talk about interior design in Dallas without mentioning the Dallas Design District blog!  Nothing happens in Dallas without them knowing.  Make sure you check it out to stay up-to-date on anything and everything worth knowing.  You’ll also want to pick up a copy of the 2018 Dallas Design District Guide.



Our Favorite Interior Design Blogs in Dallas, TX