Modern Rugs

Modern rugs are one of the most popular rugs altogether. This is not surprising, considering the great variety of styles and designs they are available in and the unlimited ways they can be used in. A modern rug embellishes any room and adds a personal touch to every interior. Shaggy rugs are its long-piled variants and are particularly suitable for the cozy corners of an apartment. In the bedroom, they keep your feet warm in the morning and the evening and instantly create a homely atmosphere when used as living room rugs. In regard to decorating with textile home furnishing, not only the look but also the functionality of these plays a decisive role. Hardly any bathroom seems fully furnished without bath mats as these ideally have a great look, are non-slip and washable.

At Rencollection you have a great choice in terms of colors and various designs. Our numerous filtering options, allow you to browse through this large assortment with ease. we also offer a wealth of models for children: Nice kids rugs create a beautiful playing area and invite kids to play and hang around – depending on age and also suited for children’s or teenage bedrooms.  The lines between classic elegant and modern designs are often blurred in regards to color and pattern. As our category Oriental Carpet are also filled with a variety of timeless classic designs, its components can certainly also be considered as modern rugs. Within this varied range, we offer the full assortment ranging from reasonable variants to hand-knotted masterpieces.


Modern Rug Materials

The material your modern rugs are made of is the biggest factor that influences it’s feel, durability and price.

Modern Wool Rugs

Modern & Contemporary wool rugs are perfect for adding warmth and comfort to your home. We also offer a selection of wool rugs for sale, including modern round rugs – circular rugs and modern hall runners. Our Modern, Contemporary and Designer Wool Rugs feature vibrant or soft colors in a wide range of designs. We offer modern striped rugs in beautifully coordinated colors, modern floral rugs in subtle or bold designs. Retro and abstract rugs can add either simplicity or a stunning focal point to modern interiors. Wool Rugs available in the UK for discount prices. When choosing a living room rug, carefully consider the size and the area it will define, for bedroom rugs you will need to consider how soft they will feel under bare feet and the ambiance it will create. Modern rugs can add protection to carpets or wooden floors, offset your table and chairs and keep toes warm whilst sitting. Modern rugs which are made from wool, offer durability and are generally easier to keep clean.

Modern Cotton Rugs

Cozy and comfortable, as the advertisements say: “cotton is the fabric of our lives”. You’ll find cotton throughout your home, even under your feet! At Rencollection, our customers choose cotton rugs because they are versatile, lightweight, and easy to clean.

A true American staple, cotton is a natural fiber that grows commonly all over the world. the United States are the largest suppliers of the go-to fiber. In high traffic areas. It is a more sensitive fiber and less durable. Regularly vacuuming and quickly blotting spills is key. Many cotton rugs are machine washable, a rarity in the rug business.

Modern Synthetic Rugs

Manufactured fibers (or semi-synthetic) use naturally occurring cellulose to make the fiber. For example, Viscose is made using raw material: wood pulp – bamboo silk is made using raw material: bamboo. After being highly processed, both are considered Rayon, a semi-synthetic.their life expectancy is shorter and they are unable to hold their luster for long periods of time. They are non-porous fibers that help with stain resistance. Synthetic fibers tend to crush easier than natural fibers because they do not have the natural resiliency that many natural fibers do – most notably, wool.

Every home will benefit from our extensive range of contemporary rug designs. We have rugs of all sizes in pure wool, wool blend and synthetic fabrics. Quality rugs need not be expensive, so whether you want to spend a little or a lot come to us for fantastic quality and value.

Discover our collection of designer and contemporary rugs. Our rugs bring together the interior design of whatever room you choose. Available in neutral, primary and multi color options.