How Often Should I Clean My Persian Rug?

Rencollection Rugs in heart of the Dallas Design District--downtown across from the Dallas Design Center.

Rencollection Rugs in heart of the Dallas Design District–downtown across from the Dallas Design Center.

The most common question I’m asked as a professional rug cleaner is ‘How often should I clean my Persian rug? – or any hand-knotted rug for that matter.

The short answer is – usually way before you think it needs cleaning.

Let me explain…

Why you shouldn’t wait for your Persian rug to ‘look’ dirty before you clean it

Hand-knotted rugs are masterful at hiding dirt and soil. This is both a good and a bad thing.
It’s amazing how you can lay a thick, well-made rug with a dark ground color, like a good quality Bidjar for instance, that will take foot traffic for years without looking horrible and dirty. This is a plus in terms of aesthetics however this rug will be hiding soil, pollutants, and contaminants deep in its foundation that is slowly but surely destroying it.
This is why you can’t decide whether your rug is due a clean by visually assessing.

Regular vacuuming won’t remove all the dirt

Think about how much dry soil you sweep or vacuum off a hard floor in your kitchen or hallway over the course of a year. What do you think happens to all the soil that ends up on your rugs?

You’re certainly removing some of it when you vacuum. But every day there is dry soil working its way down the pile and getting trapped in the foundation of the rug.
It’s grinding away at the wool or silk fibers every time you walk over it. Yes, I’m sorry to say that the grit is the culprit but you’re the accomplice. Unless your rug is in an unused room, and never walked on, this applies to you.

Once your rug looks dirty it’s loaded with soil

A rug can hold a truly astonishing amount of soil. We have mechanically dusted rugs (this is the part of the cleaning process that removes dry soil before washing) that seemed as though they would never stop releasing dirt.
And these rugs didn’t even look dirty before we started dusting them.

So, How Often Should I Clean My Persian Rug?


We’ve established that you’re probably waiting too long before cleaning your rug professionally.
You also now understand that regular vacuuming will not remove all the soil. Yes, vacuuming is the best course of action you can take at home to maintain your Persian rug. However, you will still need to have it professionally
cleaned periodically to remove trapped soil.
And you would still like to know how often is periodical?.. Exactly how often should I clean my Persian rug? The guidelines below will help you decide.

My rug is hardly walked on

Let’s say you have a rug that is hardly ever walked on, and you vacuum your home regularly. In this case, you can safely wait many years in between each clean. However, if it’s in an unused room that is kept
dark your main concern will be ensuring that moths don’t take up residence.

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