Hallway Runner

It’s a term that is used to describe rugs that are long and narrow sizes. These rugs are usually rectangular in design, although you can also find them in a few other unusual shapes too. Carpet and runner rugs for hallways and stairs are great design accessories that can instantly give any room atmosphere. Their various patterns and colors can complement surrounding furniture and paintings and really help set the “mood” of the room.

Runner Rugs Designs

There are too many styles of runners to count. While some runners rely on simple colors, others, especially those from other cultures, make use of more cultural designs. You can see this in the runners of the Middle East. If you’ve ever heard of Gabbeh rugs, then you know that the Middle East has a long and complex history of producing high-quality Afghan carpets. The same is true for Rug runners. There are really great runner rugs of varying designs to come out of countries such as Turkey, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran. 

Traditional Runners:

These tend to go very well with wooden floors, it will give the hallway a rich inviting feel. If your home has a more traditional style of decor then this style of runner can be a great choice.

Modern Runners:

Modern runners go very well with both tiles and wooden floors. Keep in mind if you are choosing your runner for an entryway then the runner will set the tone for the style in the rest of the house.

Natural Fibre Runners:

These runners have more of a natural look to them and have some great earthy tones for an inviting feel. You can use these colors to your advantage. For example, if your hallways are white or beige, it might be a good idea to purchase a runner that matches the monochrome nature of your hallways. This is also true for staircases, of course. On the other hand, you can also use rug runners with bright primary colors to spruce up a dead atmosphere. This is perfect for those houses that need an extra touch.

Do I need a Rug Pad?

Rug pads have several benefits and should be a serious consideration for you when you buy your new runner. Rugs that are subject to heavy traffic can often move around slightly on the floor and a rug pad will keep the rug from moving. Rug pads will also extend the life of your rug as they offer a bit of giving under the runner so it’s not taking the full weight of the traffic that passes over it. If you still don’t feel free to give your runner a trial without the rug pad and then if you feel it’s moving about too much you can always order a rug pad after.

Does RenCollection deliver?

Another frequently asked question.  We actually prefer to deliver and install our rugs. We find homeowners are usually more pleased with rugs when they are professionally installed.  It does make a difference. Call to learn about our delivery and installation services.

Could I try a rug out in my space and see if the size and design are right?

We do allow people to try out a rug.  Call to talk with one of our knowledgeable rug specialists about this. If you have questions about rugs we haven’t covered, feel free to call us at 214-698-1000, send us an email at info@rencollection.com, or visit our showroom. We’re here to help.