Different Types Of Rugs

Rugs are of different types, depending on how they are made.

Handmade area rugs (different and higher in quality than machine-made rugs), also have certain types within them. We share below the different types of handmade rugs .

Pile Rugs is a common term found when searching rug e-commerce sites, but what does rug pile mean? Rug pile refers to the visible tufts of yarn on a rug’s surface. In other words, the pile is the face of the rug. Rug pile can be cut or left in loops, thick or thin, soft or coarse. Here’s a breakdown of the different kinds of the pile and what you need to know about each.

Flat weave Rugs As the name describes, these rugs are “flat” and have no pile, The Native American rugs are flat weaves.  Most of the imported flat weaves are either from India and Pakistan and they are called Durries, or they are usually from Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, and from some former Soviet Republics, and they are called Kilims .

Machine Made Rugs

Machine-made rugs  also known as machine woven or loom woven rugs, are rugs woven on power looms operated either by hand, machine, or computer And Machine-made rugs are all the rage in the rug industry due to the immense variety of sizes, colors, and designs available with machine-made rugs. Moreover, machine-made rugs can imitate the patterns used in the most popular designs at much more affordable prices. For magnificent rugs at a great value, roll out the red carpet for machine-made rugs!

Machine-made rugs can offer a lower price alternative to hand-knotted rugs. Although there are certain brands, such as Karastan rugs, Karastan brand is made in the US, they have been making rugs for decades, and their rugs are of superior design and quality.