Dallas Outdoor Rugs & Carpets

Your Dallas outdoor rugs patio is looking sharp and ready for spring. But it’s missing something. An outdoor rug is just the thing to pull the look together, but you’re worried about taking care of it without it getting damaged and dirty. Well, at Improvements, we understand that dilemma, and we have some tips on how you can keep your outdoor area rug looking like new. I’m often asked about our outdoor rugs. What do I do with them when it rains? How do I spot clean them? Do they hold up against dog hair? Crayons? Extensive foot traffic? Over the years, I’ve used a mix of rugs-types. But here’s a kilim of my favorites, and where and how we use them.


Dallas outdoor rugs come in many different styles, Just like indoor rugs, outdoor rugs come in many different designs, shapes, sizes, colors and tissue to match your personal style.

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