Carpet stains.  Ugh!  We all know what it’s like when family and friends are jostling around for attention. It hasn’t been that long since the holidays! When kids are running around and pets are overexcited. Or when a simple hand gesture sends a glass of red wine flying from the table.  And now there is a stain on your fine, hand-made Oriental rug.  What a sinking feeling when that happens!

The sooner you act, the better chance you have of complete rug recovery.  A professional cleaning is best, of course. In the meantime, here are some tips for spot cleaning carpet stains:

Red Wine or Dark Fruit & Vegetable Juices

Pour salt on the entire affected area. The salt will absorb the liquid like a sponge.

Once the salt has absorbed the carpet stains, use a rounded spoon to lift off the residue. Then sprinkle on cold water with a spoon or syringe. Finally, blot the area completely dry.

Pet Messes, Perfume & Alkaline Spills

Use either this vinegar solution, or an ammonia solution of 1 teaspoon of household ammonia to 1 cup of water:

  • 8 parts water
  • 1 part white vinegar
  • And a small squirt of a clear, mild dish washing detergent

Dab the solution on with a white paper towel, rinse well with cold water on a spoon or syringe. Blot completely dry.

Food, Cosmetic Powders, Modelling Clay, Potting Soil and Skin Ointments

Spot treat the affected area with the vinegar solution above.

Simply dab the solution on with a white paper towel then with a clean, dry paper towel, dab the wet area until the carpet is bone dry.

Paint, Oil & Grease

Remove a paint, oil, or grease carpet stain with the vinegar or ammonia solution above.  If you need something stronger, carefully try nail polish remover a spot removal/dry cleaning solvent.

Rinse well with a spoon or syringe, blot dry.

Many of these solvents and solutions will leave the affected area more prone to dirt that the rest of the rug. Rinsing well with cold water and blotting help alleviate the problem.  Always blot up wet spots completely. Do not leave any hint of moisture.

Peroxide Bleach & Other Harsh Chemical Spills

Use cold water on the carpet stain and immediately contact a professional rug cleaner.

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