How Much is my Antique Rug Worth? Do I Need a Rug Appraisal?

You never thought much about it growing up, but it was always there.  Your mother’s antique rug was the centerpiece of her collection.  It was the gathering spot for many holidays.  It was your favorite place to play with your dolls.  And it protected your child as he learned to walk.  Now this beautiful rug is part of your family.  And it’s important to arrange a rug appraisal with someone you trust.

A comfortable rug is a favorite for children and pets.

RenCollection experts offer over 90 years of combined experience and knowledge about handmade Persian and Oriental rugs. They are well versed in all varieties, including antique rugs, vintage rugs, and European tapestries.  Whether for insuring, selling, or simply determining the value of your fine rug, a professional rug appraisal is invaluable.  

It is vital to have your rug appraisal performed by an expert in Persian and Oriental rugs. RenCollection is one of several trusted rug appraisers in Dallas.

What is involved in my rug appraisal?

After carefully evaluating your antique rug, our rug professionals will determine:Antique rugs are cherished heirlooms

  • Country of Origin
  • Size & Design
  • Approximate Age
  • Overall Condition
    • Damage
    • Hidden Repairs
    • Fading
    • Dyed Spots
    • Fraying
    • Level of Pile Wear
  • Quality
    • Materials Used
    • Knot Count
    • Quality of Pile
    • Quality of the Dying Process
  • Construction
    • Warp and Weft
    • Spinning Technique
  • Current Market Supply and Demand

Evaluating an antique rug is a complex procedure, and several factors are considered in the final rug appraisal.  But supply and demand are ultimately what determines market value of any asset.  

Should I get Insurance on my Antique Rug?

A written appraisal will establish the value of your rug for insurance purposes.  For this reason, you should always check with your insurance company for what level of coverage is appropriate, the best way to insure your rugs, and what documentation you will need.

For more information or to schedule an antique rug appraisal, please call (214) 698-1000, contact us, or stop by to visit us in our showroom located at 1007 Slocum Street, directly across from the Dallas Design Center.

You should know the value of any cherished heirloom